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MNP Dairy, Cow’s Milk is instant chilled and packaged in bottles and sent on its way to consumers, in a process that is mechanised, maintaining absolute purity and keeping the taste, structure and nutrients of the milk intact. It’s everything that milk should be! We conduct quality tests to ensure that there are no traces of any pesticides, chemicals or preservatives in our food products. We aim to take these good quality food products to more and more households in Madurai. In the future, we look to bringing more farm fresh products to your dining table.

We have no middleman and sourced directly from co-managed farms. This helps control the bacterial count 4-5 times better. The milk obtained from the cows is unadulterated and does not have any preservatives and we ensure the milk stays safe by using cold supply chain processes. Glass is one of the safest materials, non-toxic and non-reactive, as compared to other packaging materials such as plastic, which can leach into food products. We Supply Farm Fresh Milk, Farm Best Milk, Best Quality Milk Products, Good Quality Milk, Dairy Cow Products, Best Milk Brand, Nutrients Milk, Natural Milk, Organic Milk, Healthy Milk for Kids in Madurai, Pasumpal for Kids in Madurai.

At MNP Dairy, Standardised Cow Milk, Pasteurised Cow Milk and Full Cream Milk are also available in a convenient packing of 150ml, 180 ml, 500 ml & 1 ltr in Madurai, Sivagangai & Rameshwaram, Ramanathapuram, Virudhunagar.

Also, 150ml, 180 ml & 300 ml, 500 ltr, 1 ltr curd are also being introduced which is ideal for 1-time use.

MNP Dairy Toned Milk is pasteurized and hygienically packed in advanced milk processing plants through milk pouch filling machines.

Due to its low cream content, MNP Dairy Toned Milk is ideal for direct consumption and preparing daily tea, coffee, dahi, Khoa, Lassi, paneer, sweets etc.

Our Process

Dairy Cow Products in Madurai

Our Products

Pasteurised Cow Milk 1L
Pasteurised Cow Milk 500ML
Pasteurised Cow Milk 180ML
Standardised Cow Milk 1L
Standardised Cow Milk 500ML
Standardised Cow Milk 180ML
Full Cream Milk 1L
Full Cream Milk 500ML
Full Cream Milk 150ML
Curd 500ML
Curd 180ML

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